"Ship and Industrial Service" Ltd.

Leading company in the Republic of Bulgaria for recycling of obsolete vessels.

What we do?

“Ship and Industrial Service” Ltd. is a leader in the activities of recovery of obsolete vessels, with opportunities for annual processing of ships with more than 12,500 tons of light weight (ship lightweight).

What are our goals?

From  1 01 2023  “ Ship and  industrial  service” Ltd.  is  included  in  the
European  list  of  ship  recycling  facilities, meeting  the  requirements  of  the  European  Regulation ( EU)  N 1357/2013   of  the  European  Parliament  and  the  Council  of  Europe  for  ship  recycling.
We    strongly  commit  ourselves    in  protecting  the  health  and  lives  of  our  employees  and  to  meet  the  highest  local  and  European  environmental  requirement.


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